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If you have to get your Corvette or ANY other car repaired, you need to come here! They challenged me to find which quarter panel was actually repaired and being a "car" guy, couldn't see any difference. If you care about how your car is brought back to factory specifications, you need to come here. Bob has been in the business for many decades and will come to bat for you. I appreciate his candor and professional demeanor.

If you need expert repair and great customer service you have to come and see Bob!
Chris C.
Redwood City, CA

Gallery of Restoration Projects

This page features automotive restoration projects at various stages of completion. The purpose is to offer a vehicle with which our customers can keep abreast of the progress made on their "pride and joy".

Automotive Enterprise specializes in Corvette model years 1953-2016, please click to look at some of excellent restoration projects.

Owens Corvette Project
2006 Corvette
Androzzi Corvette
Wally Dean Lancair Airplane
1971 Corvette
1955 Corvette
1969 Restored VW Bug
1973 Corvette
1968 Modified Corvette
1969 Lotus Elan body work
1965 Corvette
2015 Corvette Z06
2014 Corvette
1977 Ferrari 250 GTO
1973 Mercedes 450 SL
1979 Corvette
1965 Corvette FE Repair
1965 Corvette
1956 Studebaker

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